About us

Unique Range

Aquadev Pty Ltd (Trading as Fisher Direct ™) has been a trusted food business for over 10 years in both Australia and North America. We’ve scoured the globe to source our niche range of highest quality seafood products.  Our Fisher Direct range has been carefully selected to make available a unique seafood offering, often not normally available widely in Australia.

We provide sustainable, traceable and high-quality seafood products that are ethically and sustainably farmed, grown, fished or harvested.  

We pride ourselves in only selecting the very best of the best. Our passion is to bring you food the way it is supposed to be from producers and fisheries that share this passion. That’s why we’ve roamed the world to bring you the Fisher Direct range.  Every product you get from us will be of the highest quality with a uniqueness that only comes from a company that loves food as much as we do.

Social and Environmental

With a growing population and demand for sustainable and ethically seafood, we aim to source our products from sustainable producers both at sea and on land and have selected products that have a minimal impact on the environment and a positive effect on the people who are associated with producing them.

The Fisher Direct Team

Our Fisher Direct teams are based in both Melbourne and Adelaide.

Our experience and knowledge has been built over many years in the seafood industry across Australia and internationally. We focus on unique and quality products that always meet our customer needs.