Bahamian Lobster Tails 4-Pack

  • Individually Quick Frozen
  • Approximately 6-7 Bahamian lobster tails per kg
  • Average tail weight is 150g
  • 100% lobster meat yield
  • Diver-caught and hand-selected to ensure superb quality

Frozen Sea Cucumber

Wild Australian Sea Cucumber (Burrowing Blackfish) is a super seafood.  Packed full of healthy nutrients, Sea Cucumbers are low in carbohydrates, low in fat and high in protein.

Fish Maw

New Zealand is regarded as one of the purest environments on earth.  A place of abundance; of untouched beauty and precious natural resources.  From this pristine setting we source freshest, wild-caught ling fish – using innovative techniques and sustainable methods to create premium dried ling maw.